Chiropractic Awareness through Community Causes Part 3

Thomas E. Cavanaugh, DC, MBA

In Part II of this series, I gave you a list of twelve different categories that popped into my head as I was pondering how to bring chiropractic awareness through community causes.  I then took one of those categories, “grade school activity’ and offered you some ideas on how to assist teachers in their anatomy/health classes by teaching a spinal care class to their students.

As small and simple this activity is, over time the impact is enormous. Consider doing this with only three local grade schools.  Find out at what level they teach science and/or health of the human body, and become a yearly regular spending about 40 minutes with every student in that grade.  This is a time investment of less than 2 hours a year that produces lasting results – you not only get children thinking about their spine and how to take care of it, your efforts to do so boosts your reputation with the teachers, parents and school district.  Enter into that one door and you will soon find more opening.    

Yes, building chiropractic awareness in your community can be just that simple.  To give you another illustration of this, I have taken a second category, “high school activity,’ and expounded on it as follows:  


Pick up the phone and call your local high schools. Ask for the names of the teachers who coach the sports teams that interest you the most.  Telephone these coaches and make an appointment to visit with them.  If you can meet with more than one of them at a time it would be better.  

Bring in some healthy refreshments for this meeting, i.e., subway sandwiches and juice.  Your meeting should consist of a short presentation that teaches the coaches how chiropractic care can give their team the “competitive edge.’  Bring a resume that includes the sports seminars you have attended and testimonies of some of the athletes you have treated.  (If you have not treated any athletes before, contact the parents of the big name athletes in the school and offer your services to their son or daughter; or if you have a patient with some connections to those parents, your patient may contact them for you just as they would any other person they would refer to you.)

Volunteer to give courtesy sports physicals to their athletes.  Every student needs a doctor´s signed physical report in order to play sports and your offer will save them time, and their parents will appreciate you for saving them money.  (It´s really not that big of a deal to do these individual exams.)

If any of these coaches have never been to a chiropractor, make an appointment for them to come to your office for lunch, a tour and a treatment demonstration.  Help them realize that peak athletic performance can only be achieved when the joints are free to move; and, that the muscular system pulls on those joints, and, if fixated, creates strains in the muscles and makes them more apt to under performance and injury.

Tell the coaches that you are willing to attend their home games and stand on the sidelines in case any of their players need help. Consider what just happened with the Miami Heat basketball team. Duane Wade, the key to their success, was out of game six of the Eastern finals against the Detroit Pistons. You know why he was sitting on the bench? It was from strained muscles along the right rib cage. Needless to say they got slaughtered that game. Duane played hurt in game seven and was not up to par and the Miami Heat lost again. They kissed off going to the NBA final due to muscular injuries!

If you lack the confidence to treat sports injuries begin to take the appropriate seminars. If you need help with this, email me at and ask for some information.

If you truly desire to care for athletes and pursue that interest, you will find many opportunities to do so and some will seem by pure accident.  For example, I was walking in a San Francisco restaurant when Jerry Rice, the former wide receiver of the 49ers was walking out with his wife and children. We caught each other´s eye and for some reason we were both compelled to approach each other and shake hands and say hello.  I knew he was a chiropractic patient of the well-known Dr. Nick Athens, who treated the 49ers. As we talked, he found out I lived in Folsom, close to Rocklin where they have spring practice at Sierra College. He asked me to come to spring camp and treat him and some of his buds. I never did as I was already plenty busy, but what a wonderful opportunity.

Whatever you do, keep focused on your purpose. You are there to serve in your community. As you do, people will learn more of you and more opportunities will open to you. Just jump in and do it and let the universe help you accomplish your goals.

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